Fun Facts & Good Questions


Q. Will Grove Square products work in my Keurig® machine? (single-serve coffee maker)

A. Absolutely. Grove Square™ Products, including single-serve cappuccino, cider and cocoa, are made for owners of Keurig® coffee machines (except Vue® Coffee makers). Our cartridges are specially designed to be used in Keurig® machines (except Vue® Coffee makers) so you get the convenience of single-serve cups…at a considerable savings.

Q. What new Grove Square™ Products will be offered in the future?

A. Stay tuned! We're excited about our new specialty beverage line-up!


Cappuccino got its name from the brown and white hooded habits of Italy’s Capuchin friars. Try Grove Square® Cappuccino — it’s definitely habit-forming.

Chocolate is believed to be the Nahuatl (Aztec) word for chocolate. More than 1.5 million people in central Mexico still speak this ancient language...and millions more all over the world drink cocoa. When you’ve got something great, you stick with it! If you haven’t already, try a cup of Grove Square® Cocoa, and let the tradition live on.

Human beings have been cultivating apples since 6,500 BC. It takes 36 apples to make just one gallon of apple cider. Consider this the next time you sip a fresh, savory cup of Grove Square® Cider hot or over ice.